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Thursday, July 25, 2024

History of the Badge Description and Meaning of the Shoulder Patch

(Similiar to the NDPS's Shoulder Patch)


A. GREEN: Signifies green pastures for sheep, cattle and horse (sheep being the primary source of income for the majority of the Navajos)

B. YELLOW: Signifies yellow corn pollen. Corn pollen is a very sacred ingredient in the Navajo religious ceremony. It denotes wisdom, power and healing.

C. CORRECTION OFFICER: Department title

D. BLIND LADY OF JUSTICE: Denoting the duties of the Detention Officers no matter where, how, or who he/she is.

E. 1868: Signifies the year in which the United States Government signed the peace treaty with the Navajo Tribe. (NOTE: 1968 was the centennial of the signing of the treaty and the year the Navajo Police Shoulder Patch was designed).

F. CIRCLE OF ARROWHEADS: Each arrowhead signifies a State of the Union I the United States of America.

G. TO PROTECT AND SERVE: Motto for the Navajo Department of Law Enforcement and the Navajo Department of Corrections

H. INNER PART OF GREEN CIRCLE: Denotes the rainbow, a Navajo religious symbol of protection.

Overall Shoulder Patch Shape and Design:

The shape of the patch resembles the traditional look of how an individual Navajo tie their hair in a “BUN” or “Tsiiyeelee” which is worn on the back of the head in which the hair is wrapped and tied with yarn.

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